The best doctors make their
lessons relevant to their patients
by involving as many of the five
senses as possible.  Undoubtedly,  
ILLUM INNATE will capture the
creativity and imagination of
anyone who sees it.  So keep doing
what your doing... Talk about
chiropractic, point to charts and
x-rays, and as you do those things,
use ILLUM INNATE to visually make
it all come together.    
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144 LED Lights

28 Inches Tall

7 Animated Illumination Modes

100% Individually Hand Built
ILLUM INNATE has been designed to
significantly increase patient
comprehension.  This unique device
employs sophisticated
electro-illumination circuitry to make
patient education easy to understand
while having more fun in the process.
Educate with
The Ultimate Chiropractic Teaching Tool
The only full spine patient education device
that uses illuminated spinal nerves to visually
demonstrate nerve flow activity.
It’s exciting to see a patient’s eyes light up as they grasp a new idea aided by
ILLUM INNATE'S stunning light show. Once they understand the big idea they
will keep coming back, and in turn, tell others about you.