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Educate with
The Ultimate Chiropractic Teaching Tool
The only full spine patient education device
that uses illuminated spinal nerves to visually
demonstrate nerve flow activity.
Typically, educating chiropractic patients about the process of spinal decay,
misalignments, or the vertebral subluxation simply lack the impact, excitement,
or lasting impression to be effective. Relying on spoken words to educate your
patients will seldom make a big enough impact to keep them coming back for
treatment with you. What works better?   
Because if its effectiveness, most likely the very first patient
education tool you purchased was a an anatomical full spine
model. Full spine models help patients visually understand
the relationship between the spinal bones and nerves.
However, far too often, confusion arises when patients see
all those vertebrae and come to the conclusion that you are
more interested in the bones than the nerves.

Help patients grasp the idea that your interest in spinal
bones is simply because of their relation to the nervous
system.  Much like an electrician, a Chiropractors focus is in
the integrity of the nerve impulses and the restoration of
normal nerve flow; allowing for the innate expression of
good Health.  With 7 illuminated functions modes and 144
embedded LED lights, ILLUM INNATE will effortlessly
demonstrate the pinnacle principals of what we do as

Never before has chiropractic patient education been so
simple.  Imagine, a full size demonstration spine with nerves
that actually light up to visually demonstrate nerve flow
activity!  ILLUM INNATE was designed to be visually stunning
and captivating with the ability to demonstrate an array of
nervous system function.
Well, it’s a known fact that people in general are visual when
learning.  From a very young age, we typically see
something, then process that information, and it quickly
becomes a part of our reality.  Visual real world concepts are
simply much more effectively grasped by our conscious and
subconscious mind.