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How does ILLUM INNATE work?
The spine is mounted on to a control base. This base is equipped with 7 push
buttons that are connected to a circuit board inside the base.  When these buttons
are pressed a signal is sent from the circuit board to the embedded lights inside the
spinal nerves that arise form between each vertebral level of the spine.  Each
button is assigned a different function that will illuminate the nerves in different
light patterns and colors. The different light patterns and colors are used to
demonstrate normal or abnormal nerve function.

Is ILLUM INNATE portable?
Yes, you can take it with you to spinal screenings, lectures, or anywhere else you
like.  It weighs a bit more than a traditional full spine model due to the added
weight of the electronic components and batteries.

How is ILLUM INNATE powered?
It can be powered by both batteries or power adaptor.  When using the power
adaptor the unit can remain on all day long.  This is ideal if you wish to place the
unit on your front desk or anywhere you want people to interact with the unit.  For
portability, or where power outlets are not available, the unit can be powered by
four 'AA' batteries.  Batteries and power adaptor are included with each ILLUM

How long will the batteries last?
The batteries will provide power to the unit for several months under normal every
day use.  A small blue light will indicate when the power is on.  Much like any
battery powered device, if left on, the batteries will slowly drain over time.  When
not in use, it is recommended that the unit is switched off to conserve battery life.  

Can the ILLUM INNATE spine be handled, bent, or twisted?
A series of micro-LED lights are embedded in the spinal nerves therefore the nerves
can be gently touched but not bent or twisted.  ILLUM INNATE is designed to be set
on a flat stable surface where the function buttons can be easily activated to
visually demonstrate nerve flow.  Because of the sophisticated circuitry throughout
the spine, the vertebrae can not be bent or rotated.

What spinal nerve levels glow red indicating nerve dysfunction?
Of course nerve dysfunction can happen anywhere along the spine, however for
simple demonstration purposes, C2-C3, T5-T6 & L4-L5 nerve pairs will display a
disorganized red illuminated pattern when the Cervical, Thoracic, or Lumbar
Dysfunction buttons are pressed. When the Nervous System Dysfunction button is
pressed, a captivating green and red illuminating chase pattern will be visualized
down the entire spine.  Please see
videos on "Features" page.

Is any assembly required?
ILLUM INNATE comes equipped with batteries and is ready to use right out of the
box with no assembly required.
Educate with
The Ultimate Chiropractic Teaching Tool
The only full spine patient education device that
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